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Prime Consulting has an extensive and demonstrable track record in PIE tax regime implementation, product design and remediation, as well as extensive PIE registry experience.

Specifically, Prime Consulting's PIE tax regime related experience includes:

  • Funds management product strategy and implementation.
  • Deed, prospectus and investment statement reviews for unit trusts, and group investment fund implementation of the PIE tax regime (portfolio tax rate entity rules).
  • PIE Tax implementation and registry design for unitised, cumulative and non-cumulative dollar funds
  • PIE tax regime implementation, registry migration and remediation for defined contribution plans, including staff superannuation schemes.
  • Portfolio investor proxy ('PIP') registry design, and implementation.
  • TOII B2B registry requirements, testing and implementation.
  • Testing programmes have been designed for unitised funds, cumulative and non-cumulative dollar funds. Testing programme designs and results have been signed-off by third party tax advisers including both Ernst & Young as well as KPMG.
  • Custodial and 'wrap'services including Custodial PIE registry design and implementaiton, related testing and sign-off as well as custodial agreement remediation.

Prime Consulting's experience in the PIE related registry, product design and project management in the the 'PIE Space' is both extensive and broad. This experience translates into confidence that our customers have in Prime Consulting's ability to work in a knowledgeable, skillfull and efficient way to achieve successful results on-time and within budget.

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