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Hedge Fund Technology

Apart from consulting services related to the PIE tax regime and KiwiSaver, Prime Consulting has extensive hands-on expertise in hedge fund and boutique funds management system design, and implementation. This expertise include:

  • Absolute return fund strategy design and implementation.
  • High frequency trading model design and implementation.
  • Hedge fund trading and risk system design and implementation
  • Fuzzy logic system design and deployment including Mandani Fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic may be used in credit scoring, pattern recognition, and and anti-money laundering (AML) system design.
  • Neural network design including: credit scoring, trading systems and pattern recognition systems.

Often the hedge fund and the boutique funds management market are not well understood. Moreover, the application of technologies like fuzzy logic in the banking and investment industries, its usefullness and applications ranging from credit scoring and anti-money laundering is often not fully appreciated. Prime Consulting has extensive hands-on design and implementation experience in the boutique funds management industry and these highly specialised fields.

This experience ensure the most suitable strategy and technology application is adopted, given expectations and budget, remembering that your success leads to Prime Consulting's success.

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