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Credit Management

Prime Consulting has extensive hands-on credit assessment, due deligence, and credit scoring system design expertise. Prime Consulting has worked in the New Zealand and Australian lending markets. Prime Consulting's expertise includes both securitised and on balance sheet lending assessment and management environments.


  • Credit assessment system design and validation.
  • Credit system appraisal and testing.
  • Credit policy design and training.
  • Credit scoring system design and implementation.
  • Loan book due deligence including loan file due deligence in preparation for securitisation.
  • Sarbanes Oxley control environment assessment and recommendations.
  • Basel II credit policy assessment, recommedations and model implementation.

Prime Consulting has experience working in high volume plain-vanilla loan processing centre environments, where homogenous credit assessment is paramount. Credit scoring models are often adopted as part of credit risk assessment and control processes. On the other hand, Prime Consulting is comfortable critiquing originated loan credit quality, either against an established credit policy or in the context of completing a statistic based due deligence exercise.

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